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And they want me to learn all this?

Kindy Puppy Classes for older pups 16 to 24 weeks!


Regardless of whether you have been to puppy school before, or this is your first time, this is the class for you and your puppy!


Having a puppy is such a lovely experience – lots of snuggles, cuddles, and games. But if your puppy goes over the top with chewing, jumping, eating your shoes, and is being a bit of a pain, then you need help to manage the behaviours. Imagine what it will be like when your puppy isn’t so cute anymore!


Amongst the many things we show you is how to get your puppy to:

answer to its name

come when you call

sit for greetings

walk nicely on a lead

settle on a mat

socialise with other dogs, children, and grown-ups!


We also talk about all those things that you might find worrying now that you have had your puppy awhile. We do this in the first class. It is ‘puppy free’ so that you can ask those questions without ‘you-know-who’ around. There are 5 classes of 1 hour held over 5 weeks in the Puppy Kindy program. You receive an Introductory Pack, a Clicker, and handouts on every topic we talk about in class.

To contact us, click here.


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