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Dog with behavourial issues?


You love your best friend but you have:

a dog that is completely out of control?

a dog that barks and cries when you leave them alone?

 a dog that jumps on you and everyone else?

 holes in your garden because your dog loves landscaping?

 tried everything but your dog is peeing all over the place?

 chewed furniture, doors, and anything else your dog can get its mouth on?

• your dog is possessive over toys, food, and other things?

• been to classes with your dog and need some topping up on training techniques?



Phone and talk to us. We can come to your home and help you but you need to know that some problems take more than one visit. Furthermore, if we can't solve your problem, you may need a behaviorist – and we can help you with that too.



If you would like help with your problem, contact us here.


And yes, we can fix this!

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