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It wasn't me! My mouth did it!

Baby Puppy Classes for pups 8 to 16 weeks


We have up to six puppies in a class so we can give you personal attention.


Your puppy’s arrival is a wonderful time but it also can be an anxious time because you want your puppy to grow up into a happy healthy well-trained dog. So, the first class is ‘puppy free’. In this class you wll have time to ask your questions without the distraction of an excitable puppy and understand what happens in the classes that follow.


Amongst many things we show you is how to get your puppy to:

answer to its name

begin walking on a lead

sit and drop when asked

learn about life in a happy and safe environment.


We also talk about:

toilet training

biting and mouthing

jumping up


and all those things you thought came automatically solved when you got your puppy!


There are 5 baby puppy classes of 1 hour held over 5 weeks. You receive an Introductory Pack, a Clicker, and handouts on every topic we talk about in class. If you would like to take part, click here.


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