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Welcome to DogEtiquette!


We can help you solve pulling on the lead, jumping, toileting in the house, barking, digging in the garden, biting, as well as find that well-mannered dog that you always wanted. We will show you how force-free training methods will give you a happy member of your family and a welcome member of your community.


Our training is fun, affordable and easy to understand. You will learn about positive training methods rather than those out-dated approaches of yelling, yanking on collars, water squirts, roll-overs, and other harmful actions that can spoil your dog’s nature.


We will show you that your dog can learn and that you are your dog’s best teacher. You will be delighted to find that your dog will listen to you and only wants to please you.


You are in for an exciting enlightening time and we are pleased that you have chosen DogEtiquette to show you the way.

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Want a dog you can take anywhere?

We are not offering classes or one-on-one training right now.

However, you will find more accredited trainers at either of these professional associations: and

If you decide not to use the offerings of either of these associations,

please read this information to help you make an informed choice about a trainer.

We will be up and running again when this message no longer appears!!

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